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Starting as a sewing factory back in 2002 in seoul korea
we have grown to become a clothing manufacture and a retailer
for our own women's fashion label named
We open our very first
standalone flagship store in seoul in 2017
across the country and one store online.
Nearly 100% of our garments are manufactured europe using the natural
sustainable materials, most preferably delicate pure linen.
Our commitment to the superior materials and the quality craftsmanship
for our clothing production sets nouveau apart from the rest.
In the manufacturing process of our garments such as yarning, weaving, dyeing, sewing
and finishing works are very carefully done without compromise by the experienced skilled artisans to create them in highest quality possible, sometimes even the traditional time consuming methods are chosen to be used if necessary. In addition to our own factories it all
nouveau, thus, creates timeless styles
with high wearing comfort and the quality to last
and the garments that get better with age
so to be cherished and worn for a lifetime.


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